Report   Canberra Cup, May 5, 2002
Competition Results

A total of 63 wrestlers representing 8 clubs participated in the tournament.  The decision was made to have divisions based on age as well as weight, which slightly reduced the number of bouts.  A full list of results can be found at the end of this document.  On the positive side, only one minor injury occurred the whole day and many beginners and young wrestlers were able to compete.  On the down side, there were only three women competitors, none of whom had anyone else in their divisions.  Note that an Australian woman has become Australian and Oceania champion in 2002 without a single match.

Thanks are due to

bulletDon Brown, who refereed the entire tournament;
bulletLes Neal, and Linda and Eric Cash who did the draw, (and taught me how at the same time),
bulletTony Marker and Anthony Goonan for timing and announcing,
bulletWitold Rejlich and Geoff Marsh for scoring
bulletReg Marsh for his rapid response and skill with first aid
bulletall the parents, wrestlers and friends who helped with the canteen, set-up and clean up on the day 
bulletAnne Goonan, Cathy Marker and Witold for the time and effort involved in planning and making this tournament a success. 

We also thank and acknowledge the teams and individuals who came to make the day a success, especially those who had distances to travel.  We all learned a lot and are sure that next time it will run more smoothly.  We look forward to an even bigger and better event next year, and hope that you will return for the 2003 Canberra Cup!

Madeleine Schultz
Athletes' Representative
ACT Wrestling Incorporated

Results of the Canberra Cup, May 5, 2002

Senior Men Gold Silver Bronze
66 kg D. Steain  M. Taylor  
74 kg T. Pertsinidis G. Pertsinidis A. Singh
84 kg  S. Kumar C. Ram G. Marsh
96 kg H. Dessens    
120 kg H. Bassi P. Redmond  T. van Dalen


Senior Women Gold Silver Bronze
55 kg  Briony Campbell    
59 kg Madeleine Schultz     

17 - 20 age group Gold Silver Bronze
83 kg S. Kumar    
95 kg H. Dessens    
120 kg P. Redmond N. Griffiths D. Spence

15 - 16 age group Gold Silver Bronze
48 kg (Female) Laura Hurley    
63 kg F. Tanas B. Hely A. Doon
69 kg . Dicovski D Tower K. Watting
76 kg C. Cowie A. Dessens Y. Sahin
83 kg R. Samra G. Miller H. Huseyin
95 kg B. Goonan R. Gill K. Cook

13 - 14 age group Gold Silver Bronze
48 kg H. Er N. Poriotis  
52 kg F. Aydogan    
52 kg J. Lord Z. Sahin  
69 kg T. Gencturk    
76 kg V. Faingaa    
83 kg C. Barbaro    
95 kg A. Sultan    

11 - 12 age group Gold Silver Bronze
38 kg I. Yuyucuogli    
45 kg C. Taylor  A. Terzi  
52 kg J. Hatton    
63 kg S. Zubowicz V. Poriotis  
69 kg . Savill    

under 10 age group Gold Silver Bronze
25 kg   H. Terzi S. Power  
29 kg L. Williamson T. Power  
35 kg N. Williamson O. Kuzma  
38 kg B. Barden J. Bower  
45 kg M. Taylor    
48 kg I. Peterson