Official Results for the Wrestling Australia
trials for
East Asia and Oceania Games

Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra 3 - 4th March 2001

This competition included Australian and foreign wrestlers and therefore was conducted under a modified pairing system in order to select the best Australian wrestlers for team selection for the Oceanic and East Asia Games.

Freestyle - Saturday 3rd March 2001

56 kg Club State Rank
Masoud Sadeghpour Homebush NSW Gold
Alex Janlou Eastern Suburbs NSW Silver
Dima Routman Unity VIC Bronze
Mevlut Caybas Turkish NSW 4th
63 kg Club State Rank
Petania Cuciue Olympus VIC Gold
Brett Cash Hornsby NSW Silver
James Patishman Unity VIC Bronze
Matthew Collins Western Suburbs NSW 4th
69 kg Club State Rank
Alexandre Belinsky Eastern Suburbs NSW Gold
Selayi Sonmez Turkish NSW Silver
Fatos Rama Footscray VIC Bronze
Joel Smith Eastern Suburbs NSW 4th
Anastasios Pertsinidis Turner PCYC ACT 5th
David Zemlinsky Unity VIC 6th
Chris Tieste Flinders Uni SA 7th
Omar Bildiren Turkish NSW 8th
76 kg Club State Rank
Zsolt Incze Unity VIC Gold
Justin Turtle Boxing Works NSW Silver
Rhys Whiteford Sutherland NSW Bronze
Alex Zaslavsky Eastern Suburbs NSW 4th
85 kg Club State Rank
Igor Proporshehikov Turkish NSW Gold
Andrew Kanatli Turkish NSW Silver
Rifat Caybas Turkish NSW Bronze
Maxim Kozmin Eastern Suburbs NSW 4th
97 kg Club State Rank
Hardip Bassi United VIC Gold
Dmitry Capel Unity VIC Silver
130 kg Club State Rank
Eoghn Julian-Tivoli Turkish NSW Gold
Ian Wardell Unity VIC Silver
Paul Redmond Turner PCYC ACT Bronze
Hakan Karakos Turkish NSW 4th


Greco-Roman - Sunday 4rd March 2001

54 kg Club State Rank
Nikolay Goranov Turner PCYC ACT Gold
58 kg Club State Rank
Plamen Tchoukanov Turner PCYC ACT Gold
Thomas Qiprani Homebush NSW Silver
63 kg Club State Rank
Alexsandre Tseztsvadze Homebush NSW Gold
Boban Petrov Turner PCYC ACT Silver
Masoud Sadeghpour Homebush NSW Bronze
69 kg Club State Rank
Shahsatan Hassan Homebush NSW Gold
Riad Hassan Turkish NSW Silver
76 kg Club State Rank
Vitaly Ogulev Flinders Uni SA Gold
Rhys Whiteford Sutherland NSW Silver
85 kg Club State Rank
Alex Avdishov Peddington NSW Gold
97 kg Club State Rank
Czetz Hrytsuic Homebush NSW Gold
Scott McConnell Flinders Uni SA Silver
Neofitos Pertsinidis Turner PCYC ACT Bronze
130 kg Club State Rank
Aaron Stapleton Toowoomba QLD Gold
Reza Rostami Homebush NSW Silver


Female - Sunday 4rd March 2001

51 kg Club State Rank
Kyla Bremner Sydney Uni NSW Gold
56 kg Club State Rank
Briony Campbell Turner PCYC ACT Gold
62 kg Club State Rank
Suellyn Hayes Flinders Uni SA Gold
68 kg Club State Rank
Sara Ratcliffe Flinders Uni SA Gold